The Most Beautiful Sunrise May Be a Sunset

NYC skyline at sunset from Central Park by Jenny A

Let’s just think of it as an early sunrise…or maybe a late sunrise… or, better yet, let’s just think of chasing a sunrise as the ability to recognize and enjoy the beauty in any moment. Or, when particularly skillful, the ability to recognize beauty in every moment.

The word came today from Debbie with my transplant team that everything is now a green light. Insurance has approved the procedure and the clinical trial team has excepted me into the trial. So, October 6 is now officially “T-6,” that is, six days before transplant. That date – that event – is both dreaded and highly anticipated.

Living in the moment… the ability to pay attention to the value of today doesn’t play well with count downs. Future events that are inevitable really aren’t much different than past events that can’t be changed. They are there. Plotted on a line, each are points with an infinite number of points in between. There is an eternity along that path. So… I like sunrises… the beauty of the surprise in the inevitable and common place. It just so happens that one of the folks on my favorite Facebook running group captured a sunset instead of a sunrise. Matters not… right place, right time, right moment to look up from the run and snap a picture. Beautiful moment.

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