About “Chasing Every Sunrise”

Chasing Every Sunrise is the personal web site and blog for Andy (me.) For many years I’ve enjoyed early runs, particularly running from the dark just before dawn, through dawn, and into the day.

img_20140825_095610383_hdrIt is not just about the colors, shadows and reflections. The run is about the day waking up, yawning, stretching and getting on with it. Whether the suburban street lights blinking out as window lights blink on, or whether it is Bourbon street morning kitchen crew hosing the sidewalks rousing hangers-on, mornings have unique character of place and time. The beauty of the sky at that time adds the background and color to the moment.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma my appreciation and perspective on sunrise changed and evolved, largely beginning with an off the cuff remark from a well-meaning friend. Barry, my boss at the time, when I told him of the diagnosis said – with all sincerity – that he would pray for my health and recovery. I had just been told I had a chronic, terminal, incurable cancer. Wasn’t much in the mood for prayers, but Barry was sincere and from him, I very much took it as well meaning. So I asked him to rather than pray for my recovery to pray that I would meet each sunrise going forward with joy and appreciation.

Lo and behold, his prayers were answered. I DO welcome each sunrise – and many, many, many other moments of the day – with joy and appreciation. Hence was born new meaning and every expanding understanding of “Chasing” (or more accurately, acknowledging) Every Sun Rise.

Darlene Goltz early morning group ride near Dublin Ireland August 2014
Darlene Goltz early morning group ride near Dublin Ireland August 2014

Somewhere along the way, I started tagging photos on Facebook #chasingeverysunrise and when I joined a wonderful little on-line running group hosted by Jenny Hadfield, I ended up with people from all over the US (and the world) tagging me with their own #chasingeverysunrise pictures and moments.

I’m heading back into the hospital Oct. 5 for a month inpatient and 2-3 months outpatient for a donor stem cell transplant to try to basically replace my own immune system with my sister’s. With luck, it will put me in a long-term remission requiring less chemo.

spider-web-2-in-july-morning-lightI’m pretty good at seeing sun rises about most anyplace (and, no, I am by no means a polly-anna.) Taking runs, exploring new places, building stuff, gardening are all things that make seeing the beauty in the moment particularly easy. Hospital rooms and medical clinics – not so much. But I know the beauty is there hiding in the crevices of too much sadness, pain and tears.

I’m going to use this site to help me keeping looking in the right direction, and also to have a place for all my #chasingeverysunrise friends a place for their pictures (in the gallery) and comments.

OH, and for those who want the medical stuff, it is posted under “medical updayes. It maybe of interest to a few of my myeloma friends who may have need of going through this procedure sometime in their future. Otherwise, it fits under the TMI category.